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Post » Mon Jul 14, 2014 2:42 pm

Hello! I'm looking for somebody who loves pixel art to make animated sprites for my game Greed (devlog here). It's all on a 16x16 pixel grid and most sprites should be around this size or a bit smaller, so it's proper teeny tiny pixel art.

The main things I'm looking for at the moment are enemy sprites (anything you like, really - let me know and I'll try to work them into the game) and a replacement for the dwarf sprite (8 directions, several animations - quite a big job!)

If you like the look of the game and you're interested in helping out, I'd love to hear from you - whether you want to create new assets, or have some existing ones you think would work well for the game. Send me a pm or email lolpacagames at gmail dot com.
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