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Hello ,I'm Hamza Trabelsi i'm 2D/3D artist and game designer, we are a independent game development team " Warville Entertainment " and we are working on a game titled for now " Sword of Skirmish " it's a 2D online multiplayer strategy game, there is some very popular games of this kind , like Throne Rush on facebook , Total Domination , and Clash of Clans on mobile i'm sure you got a lot of Ads about it on your mobile phone, the game will be similar, but we though of more control on your kingdom , you are not limited to a little rectangular terrain to build, and i though of making it more social , people can trade stuffs, there will be more type of resources more than just GOLD an FOOD, and people will be trading their resources in a global market, the game is Medieval Fantasy , so we will be in first stage working on playable demo, something to show to the world , then we make a crowd-funding campaign, this will fund us enough to complete the project in comfortable environment, and help us provide tools and maybe hire new members if needed , the revenue will come from Ads and selling items inside the game (in-app purchase). there will be revenue share for the team, since this type of games is social we will build a good fan base targeting facebook users mainly. if you are a talented artist you would be a great member for the team. we really wish a great artist can join our friendly talented team.

if you think you are good and you have no experience , you are more than welcome to contact me.
our team is real talents and we want a real artist.

contact me : [email protected]

kind regards
Hamza Trabelsi
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