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Post » Thu May 15, 2014 9:16 am

In the multiplayer tutorial examples, the peer and host are basically interacting and seeing the same things as the other player is seeing.

I want to know if we can make a multiplayer game where maybe the host can see some things which the peer can't and vice versa.

For example take a game where player1 has to run across the screen and avoid mines planted on the ground.Now we want player 2 to be the one planting mines and he can do this by clicking on the screen and a crosshair as an aiming aid.
Now we want player1 to only see the main character sprite and player 2 to be able to see the main character sprite and the crosshair.

Basically want i'm asking is are we restricted to host and peer seeing the same thing or can they have different perspectives on what's going on during gameplay.
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