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Post » Sat Jun 12, 2010 3:16 pm

[quote:2lajyk0s]What?? MMF gives lag with certain effects?
this is a serious thing, since, let's say, I could be far away on the project later to discover that, with the hero on screen together with his armor and weapons sprites, while fighting against some 10 enemys (with theirs respectives clothes and weapons) + lots of effects would cause great lags on mmf.
So, for a game of this kind, MMF would sure lag? a serious or light lag? on construct there is no problem (or almost no problem) of lag?[/quote:2lajyk0s]
Yes, it lags! I mean, with just a basic game, wich at most uses parallax (scrolling) and maybe some alpha blending will do fine! (as long as your PC does not suck) The lag isn't MAJOR but it's existent and VERY noticeable when in foll screen!
Construct has less lag cuz' it's rendered on DX9 while MMF uses GDI!
If you have LOTS of effects... Either change to construct or have an option to turn them off (i can teach you to do that!)
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What language is that *runz*
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Post » Sun Jun 13, 2010 12:14 am

HAHAHhahaha... The automatic translator seens to really be com algum problema.

Hum... I was reading something about lags on mmf that are caused because of bad organization/strategy on the way of put the events of the game. like leting lots of things to be constant checked and rechecked by mmf when you could deactivate them. Are you sure this lags that you had some experience/or saw something in the past where not caused by something like this? (e ta esquizito fala em ingls contigo, hahaha)

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Brasileiro aqui tambm!

Well, now I'm working in Argentina (ouch!)
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