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Post » Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:50 pm

I got one problem with my engine for Cube and have no idea how could i approach that.

For now it's mainly based on 4 global variables - RoomX, RoomY, RoomZ, RoomXYZ and it's quite simple.
RoomXYZ = RoomX & RoomY & RoomZ
Going through the doors adding or subtrackting values for that variables.
All the action (colours, traps, cutscenes...) is based on RoomXYZ variable.

if RoomX = 3, RoomY = 2, RoomZ = 4 then RoomXYZ = 324
and if RoomXYZ = 324 set room colour to blue and/or do something else etc...

And here's my problem. All gameplay element's is loading and seting up during runtime - so ie. if i want to set room 444 to white and have something to do for player in there i actually have to go "in game" to that room, becouse i need to set global variables to value 4 & 4 & 4 which is set by moving between rooms.

For what i have now it's fine. But what i would like to do later for gameplay need's some better and easier control for seting up rooms.

I thought that if i could set up all of the rooms (with all of their content) before game actually runs would be probably much better and let me focus only on action for specific room i want.

Here's the thing, i have absolutely no idea how could i do that. During some tests i managed to set few rooms to load before game starts but couldn't set colour and movement between those rooms.

I will realy appreciate if someon could help me whit that.

Best regards
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