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Post » Tue Oct 30, 2012 6:51 pm

Construct 2 is easy to use is 1 reason, and fun.

What tools do you reckon are better suited to have similar functionality without the huge learning curve?

If there is something out there I would loooove to use it.
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Post » Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:37 pm

I#m professional frontend web developer. Here's what i say.

"I am planning on making my front page with Construct 2. Only having my front page will help with the not indexed issue."

Intros are frustrating for users.

"How can I make a message appear if the html5 doesn't load suggesting upgrading the browser. And/or redirecting to the standard homepage?"

You can, using Java Script or php code, but not based on weather html5 loaded or not but based on the knowledge if the particular browser supports it or not, and make a conditions. Look in google for open source scripts. Not all are compatible with WP.

"Can I make an image in the construct iframe link to a page without opening a new browser (so in the same window)?"

Don't know.

"Couldn't you embed invisible text suggestions on the page which would make google take notice of it?"

Google will give you penalty for it.

"Where should I be looking to find out the best way to implement something like this into my website?"

Like what?

"Here is my website at the moment, definitely needs the POW which construct could give it!"

Your website needs good design and not construct!

All Best
Mikmegatronx2012-10-30 20:40:52
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Post » Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:07 pm

I think its a brilliant way to make a website. User is limited and does only what I want them to do AND if they lose an internet connection they can still view all my media i provide anyway!

Linking small size html5 canvas windows can work quite well.

check out this test run for a website im making.
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Post » Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:49 pm

Nicely done Miceal, interactivity gives a site some pizzaz methinks. Would love to see your capx. Any advice would be really appreciated mate. How did you do full page etc.

Megatronx, I don't mean a splash page. I have whipped up a test site just to test out the idea, its basic with one link (which I have to try and figure out how to open outside of the iframe), but works.
I basically mean the front page which offers navigation to the rest of the site. So you may not get hits from google to this page, but it would look nice for clients.

Why would google penalize you if the content is there?

Can you offer up any other non coding options for this sort of functionality?
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Post » Wed Dec 19, 2012 2:09 am

contrary to the negativity experienced from the developers of this software, I'm having a lot of success creating a great website with this.

Best alternatives are Dreamweaver + Adobe Edge Animator

And honestly even IF i had the money to buy the latest versions of both of these once edge goes fully live commercial... I would prefer to still build sites in Construct 2.

All construct 2 needs to turn it into an amazing website software far superior to anything that Dreamweaver and Edge can offer are :

- Proper alignment and distribution tools.

- An officially supported DIV plugin that works with the Scale Letterbox setting and allows you to enter new content directly over the canvas.

*currently the existing 3rd party plugin does work but it jiggles around a bit kind of like shifting sand in an earthquake*

With those minor upgrades, you will have no problems with Google crawling your website AND I gotta say, I'm rebuilding a site I made using a combination of Dreamweaver and Edge...    What I had done took about 2 weeks using the professional grade software and it's taken me roughly 3 days to surpass all my efforts using construct.

People ask why you would want to use construct 2 for websites.. just look at the facts...

It's far superior for workflow and you can quickly generate some amazing results. Time is our most valuable asset and I'm not interested in wasting mine on professional software that does not perform to the same standard as Construct already can in the same duration of time.

I can imagine that these upgrades I have mentioned would be useful for other purposes within construct than just website creation as well.

Say you want to make an interactive story book... No longer do you have to use the space bar 100 times just to bump texxt to the next line.. you simply use a < b >
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Post » Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:16 pm

[QUOTE=ptbcomposer] What I am going to do for my website is code the main page (index) in regular html (in Expression Web) and use C2 to design my menus and anything else one would normally do in flash. My music website ( uses old-school frames and div and a cheap-looking flash menu made in CoffeeCup Flash Menu Builder; each frame on the index links to a different html doc . I am no good with code (e.g. flash) so I'm going to use C2.

Maybe with HTML5 we'll see a resurgence in frames and div tags. So the web crawlers will be able to find the index.html page, which is comprised of a combination of regular HTML and also HTML5.[/QUOTE]

I'd suggest looking into CSS3. Super powerful, should give everything you need to build any kind of menu, faster and more accessible than JS.
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Post » Mon Dec 24, 2012 8:46 am

Why would google penalize you if the content is there?[/QUOTE]
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Post » Mon Dec 24, 2012 8:54 am

Im doing a full browser game in Construct 2 and I need to say there are many problems but if you fixed them with own plugins one time its such easy.

I could spawn now websites like (I don't know but fast :D).

But what you really should know, without PHP for the back end you have no chance. I also have a search function but this works with PHP and a database..   
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Post » Mon Dec 24, 2012 1:20 pm

Since this thread has been bumped, I would like to reiterate my previous post from April. Construct 2 is a game engine, not a website designer, and we do not recommend you use it to design websites. There are lots of disadvantages to using Construct 2 for websites such as making it incredibly difficult to get a good Google ranking.
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Post » Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:33 pm

@Ashley I appreciate you getting back to me on on a thread with a similar topic. I did discover that I could embed a game into a collapse able div using jquery. I doubt I would want to use this for heavy duty navigation or to store content. However with C2's awesome power you can totally transform a website. I'm working on a banner for my website using C2 with light interactivity. I'm tapping into C2 because, from my artistic viewpoint its possibilities are only constrained by the limits of your own imagination.
I do have a little question though.. I see one of the posters is a pro web designer. I was wondering how many other folks posting here have any prior experience with web coding?
@Ash back at you again. I'd try this but really busy now. As I managed to put that game in the div with Jquery. I was wondering if there would be much conflict with more that one game on a page? Say using a separate games for the banner and sidebar?
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