Many publishers do not accept construct2 html5 games

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Post » Tue May 17, 2016 4:23 pm

PixelPower wrote:There is some incredible stuff being made with Construct2

I'm absolutley agree with you!!!
But I thought that the conversation not about it. The conversation about HTML5 games publisher "Many publishers do not accept construct2 html5 games" the title of this thread, but maybe I'm wrong :( ...
And all I wanted to say "THAT IS NO MANY HTML PUBLISHERS" at all, and few of them not accept C2.
Anyway it's my opinion, and maybe I'm wrong. I know only a few, and I have worked with one of them just few weeks ago.
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Post » Tue Jun 14, 2016 11:31 am

Just to add some note, I've been working on an avatar social game for awhile that let's you draw your own items and then use the "rooms" to walk around, interact, chat etc with others. Its been a long journey but c2 has made my teams life a lot easier, so much so I plan on using it for every game my team produces. I have 5 games with full design documents and I plan on releasing them under steam greenlight all using c2. Its one of the best tools I have ever seen, and I believe if this becomes a major issue, scirra should hire big companies or groups like Team Meat(super meat boy creators, team of 2) to create a game using c2 and give feedback on its positive features. This would help the community sell more games by showing the games ability given experienced hands.

And to myself, presentation and quality are right next to functionality. You don't need high end 3d renders to make your game great, but you do need crisp and clean graphics that show you care :)
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