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Wolfire made a interesting series of blogposts about the subject:
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Hi Zsangerous,
I totally understand your frustration, in an earlier post on this thread, someone mentioned googling for the answer, and if you don't get the right answers, you are probably asking the wrong questions. OK so what are the questions? I have a grasp of basic mathematics however, I was not sure what questions to ask. Not everyone wishes to have their equations solved for them once, as that will only help them once. My son got straight A's in math in high school because his teacher was vivid in his explanations. Visualizing the causes and effects, helped to determine how much he was able to absorb, understand and implement. When he got to college his professors refused to explain the equations, insisting he just memorize the formulas. His math grades fell. I think it would be nice to have a thread here where the people who have these sorts of questions, can meet up with people who will help with explanations of the processes. "Give me a fish I eat for a day, Teach me to fish and I eat forever". (or something like that).
Anyway I searched "linear algebra" etc. Looked around, went back to a site where I learned a great deal already. I found this video (in a series) that looks like it will be helpful to me. It will seem like kids play to most. I graduated from high school in the 70's, got an "A" in algebra, yet the years eroded all the memories.
Anyway if you get a chance here is a beginners video, linked to a series that might be helpful.
I will be studying these in my spare time.
Good luck Zsangerous!

Here is another good explanation of factoring for beginners
his main menu....

another on basic algebra

If anyone else knows of any good math tutorials, would you mind posting links here? Got link?Auntie Val2012-08-21 20:00:59
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@Auntie Val , first of all thanks for learning us what you have used in maths ^^

2nd thing, for my self i had some of the best marks on school also the first year in university was for the basic math and i had A+ on it (alhamudllah) so where is my problem??
my problem was in house managing the math on shapes , most of our math is just numbers without any shapes stuffs. so i have asked someone on arabic topic (because i'm arabic) about which way it that i should know or learn about shapes and numbers???
most of the answers were some stuffs like these videos about the basics or videos about some stuffs that i don't need it to learn because i know it 100% ^^ but someone told me there are some books that can help you alot the books has a different style of studying, the book is learning how you can manage the math as it in a real life... when i read that book i thought it will not help me but it really helped me. in the book all the problems has been solved but when come to me i have no problem thats why i should know my problem in the game then i try to solve it.

for example if i want the middle point on the y axis on the window it will be windowhight/2    >>> we used window because he want it on window
                         >>> we used hight because of Y
                         >>> we use /2 because it = the middle.
in this case we should know the problem to know how to fix it.the book support alot of managing examples with different ways to solve it just to know that " there isn't any difficult on math "

the book is arabic book but maybe there is a translated one and his name looks like this : (????????? ??????) in translate it will be (the fun on math) or something like that ^^ i hope everyone to read it if you can ^^

also if you have any helps that can helps us it would be cool if you share it with us , many people need to learn and we are one of them ^^
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Hi Zsangerous!
Perhaps the math is the same everywhere, but the language may differ for people. I had a visit from my son who is a 3D artist, programmer, and special effects director. I asked him what lerp was and he did not know what the heck I was talking about. When I showed it to him he said "Aha!... linear interpolation". He knew the function, yet by a different name. I learned basic math in the 60's, fast forward 50 years and try to help a youngster with division etc. and so much has changed in the way they teach it! I'm a person who has a ton of difficulty until I can visualize in my mind what is really happening with the equation. I would love to see a great math tute on this site that explains the formulas, along with a capx that can be manipulated for learning purposes. If you are like me Zsangerious, you could probably recreate with great precision the colors and pattern of a piece of fabric or something that you have not set eyes on for years (or in my case decades). Yet it is difficult to remember math equations not visualized. I can totally visualize the basic math, and can balance my checkbook in my head. Yet I don't seem to understand things that come second nature to the left brained masses.Auntie Val2012-10-02 14:38:54
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