Max suggested resolution for mobile game? performancewise

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Post » Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:41 pm

thenerd12 can only post plain text URLS when they have 300 rep. 1 URLS removed. Why?

I know that ratio is what matter first of all.

Anyway, I've made a game 320x480. Due the low resolution, I choose a more retro/pixel art style.
But making good "organic" pixel art can be more complicated and time consuming then vector graphics.
So I'm considering the idea to redraw sprites with vectors.
The problem is if you want vector graphics to look good once converted to png and put into your game, you need higher resolution.

So I was wondering what is the max suggested resolution for a mobile game, without compromising performance.

For example what's the resolution of this game? which looks vectorial but is html5:
edit: ops I cannot link urls

anyway, just google these keywords and you find it: marketjs underground escape
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