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Hi all,

I'm developping a game called MecaBoB.
It's inspired from an old Amiga unknown game.
You mission : destroy all the alien's machines in each level.
You can play with arrow/control or supported joypad.

Here is a screenshot of the first level. (The only done for now)

And this is a link you can play this level.

Can you tell me when "BoB" ; the heroe ; bounce on the walls, if it's not strange ?

Also, there is an enemy that uses pathfinding.
When he hit something, he stop, rotate of 180°, and sfx/fx.
Do you think it's movement is good ?

You'll need a computer with a webgl browser.
With Safari + OS X Lion, the musics make crash the game.
In Chrome, the musics don't start at the beginning of the game.
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