Medieval/Fantasy BattleCommandig (Sound Effects)

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Medieval/Fantasy BattleCommandig — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

This assets contains voice-over speeches of military commander of medieval or fantasy themed setting. Suitable for strategy games.

The pack includes 36 different speeches each with 2 versions (spoke in slightly different way), inter alia:

  • For the king!
  • Steady
  • Chaaaaaarge!
  • Stand in a line
  • Forward
  • Regroup!
  • Take no prisoners!
  • Take your position
  • To the right flank!
  • They come from behind!
  • Come back cowards!
  • In the name of Lord
  • Fight until you die
  • Kill them all
  • Brace yourselves

If you need some other voice-over sounds specifically for your project, you may contact me via support contact email.

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