missing AdUnits for Google Play?

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Post » Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:56 pm

Im using MoPub/CocoonJS to drive the ads on Google Play

So on the Ludei's site:
Dev Portal> Services > Ads

There are 4 spaces for the AppStore: (which is awesome!)
AdUnit___________ for iphone Banner Ad
AdUnit___________ for iphone's Fullscreen Ad
AdUnit___________ for ipad's Banner Ad
AdUnit___________ for ipad's Fullscreen Ad

For Google Play, I only see 2......why arent they separated into phone and tablet?
AdUnit___________ for Banner Ad
AdUnit___________ for Fullscreen Ad

Do you know if I'm miss something? how come there's only 2 for Android?
Is there a way in the settings that can give me a total of 4 AdUnits?

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