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Post » Sat Feb 19, 2011 1:29 am

Hello everyone!
So after another week we managed to compile a new version!
I think we can finally call it an Alpha ^^

Due to the sound files' size, there are three versions here.

[size=150:2mpa0d8i]Mnemons Full Installer - 75Mb[/size:2mpa0d8i]
[size=150:2mpa0d8i]Mnemons Full (with all sounds and music files) - 67Mb[/size:2mpa0d8i]
[size=150:2mpa0d8i]Mnemons without music - 19 Mb[/size:2mpa0d8i]
[size=150:2mpa0d8i]Mnemons without any sound at all - 9 Mb[/size:2mpa0d8i]

For those who doesn't have the patience to download huge files, there's the soundless version.
But it is extremely advised to download the full version to get the whole experience :)

We're also using a different type of font, so if you're not using the installer, please be sure to install it by putting it in your C:\Windows\Fonts folder (the font file is in the root folder).

Moe - arrows, right shift, right enter
Jimmy - WASD, left shift, left control
(You can skip the cut scenes by pressing ESC twice)
And just for the record: there's the possibility of changing some parameters at Define.ini

Again, please feel free to send suggestions, criticisms and ideas :)

Yours truly,
the Adugans
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Post » Mon Feb 21, 2011 1:18 pm

one huge advice.
dont use wav. use .ogg instead. Construct reads both but ogg is what will make your game 1/4 the size when still having great sound and music quality.
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