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Post » Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:27 pm

szymek wrote:@Softloulou @Aphrodite

Gianmichele wrote about auto updating webview in Android 5.0:

Honestly I'm a really scared that an auto updating webview, more than nodewebkit, could break a perfectly working game without any action from the user (or even knowing it really).

Ashley replied:

Google already manage to do this without breaking the entire Internet, so I'm sure apps will be fine too.


so everything is fine... :D

not related to webapps/webgames but more to webview-based exporters (exporters which are not something I can really think is great, since they are prône to monopolising and they sometimes just interprets standards the way they want and they break the multiplatform support, as cordova based projects will run on android and iOS only, so you have to export one more time for other platforms, while a web game just runs on all platforms that possess a browser supporting the standards, the only reason to justify their use is either to sell them, or to use lower level interactions with the system).But again, if you choose an exporter suceptible to break when the webview update, you should already know that beforehand.
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