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Post » Sun Feb 06, 2011 5:58 am

So I've got a problem.

I have an inventory set up in my game. Works pretty well. Including an equip menu.

Basically, the Equip system is a drag and drop. There are 3 Equip types: Weapon, Armor and Accessory. You drag and drop the equipment onto the equip slot and everything auto updates. Works great. Except for one problem.

The Mouse Over action doesn't seem to have any affect on the ItemAccessory family. I know it's an issue with the family since I tried putting the accessory into the ItemArmor family and it detected the accessory, but moving an armor item to the ItemAccessory family caused detection to fail for that item as well. It's as if collision detection is off for the ItemAccessory family, but as far as I understand the Mouse Over object doesn't care about collision detection, right?

I dunno, here's my cap if you need a look through.

If you press the equip button on the HUD bar you'll open it up and can drag and drop the equipment. All the code for Equipment is in the HUD Event Sheet.

Help me, devs, you're my only hope!

EDIT: Fixed a few bugs in the .cap so that the equip system properly updates item slots. Still having the ItemAccessory mouseover bug, though. :?

EDIT2: Well, I ended up just removing the family altogether and creating a new one and recreating the events. Works this time, dunno what the issue was last time. Oh well.
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