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Post » Mon Mar 02, 2009 5:05 pm

As it stands right now, any solid object (or platform) will transfer it's motion to a platform player sprite if it's standing on top. A very handy feature for making moving platforms, to be sure, and thanks to David for implementing it.

What I'm looking for is the ability to turn this OFF. What I propose is that extra movement only gets transferred to the player if the object has the Platform attribute checked.

Now, before you go saying "hey wait a second," note that it is possible for a Solid to have Platform checked and nothing adverse will happen, it still acts just like a solid.

So, this would allow for making moving objects that do not transfer their motion to the player, which is something I can see having several uses. Namely one specific use in my current project, so there :P

Of course, it's also likely that someone may want to invent a non-solid Platform that moves, but does not convey the player... so perhaps there could be a separate "Mover" attribute or something that allows objects to transfer their motion to other objects. I can see this working for Ball too, not just Platform, so it wouldn't necessarily have to be a single-purpose attribute.
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