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Mössa - #1GAM [Web & Mobile Web]

PostPosted: Thu Apr 02, 2015 9:00 am
by boybacteria

Me and some friends have this local #1GAM jam, so I thought I'd share my latest "game" made in March. The theme was Mössa, which means Hat in english. I posted it here because, in the context of the game jam, time is up and the game is complete :) I made the whole game myself, including graphics and music and I could never have done it without Construct 2 because I can't write code!

You control M. Gibson as he fights the evil hat demons. Pick up orbs to gain a heart and get some temporary hat super powers (visualized by an extra large arm, didn't have time to make anything better :)

Should work on mobile to, but I've only tested it on an iPhone 6 so I'm not sure about performance though :)