Multiplayer and Global Variables.

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Post » Sun Feb 12, 2012 4:27 pm

Once more a question.. hurray :) But what can i do, i'm just a newb

Like EVERYONE else i can't wait to try out Talkinghead's Multiplayer plugin.

Le Plugin

I am creating a Shop window in my game right now To upgrade your SpaceShip.

I'm using Global Variables for this since there only is 1 ship and therefore don't have to deal with 2 ships blowing up because one ship got reduced to 0.

I have only speculations on how much i would have to change for multiplayer.
The plugin is running the Game on the Server, so my worry is that by using global variables both player A and player B's ship would get all the Changes from the other person because they are using the same variable..

Am i correct?
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