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Post » Sun Mar 13, 2016 1:48 pm

Hi guys,

somehow I have problems with the syntax (I think :-D).

As far as I read through the several tutorials and manuals, I couldnt figured out how to remotly run a function (in other words: noone said, it isnt possible - thats why Im asking).

I got a host and x peers, when triggering event, I wanted to send a message to hostID with tag "Function1" and containing message:
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Function.Call("Read_Array", "Refresh_Database")

Read_Array = name of function; "Refresh_Database" should be Param(0).

Dont have the link where I got that, but is this even possible, directly running a function (with parameters) out of a sent message? Or do the host needs a
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Multiplayer | On peer message "Tag"

and it is not possible in any way to shorten/bypass that?

Also, if it would be possible, doing so, what about callbacks?

This would really shorten the source... Im making a database (documentation) app (host got all created/available arrays, clients are able to add/modify/delete rows of specified arrays (depending on their rw rights for each array)).

Best regards,
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