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Post » Tue Nov 24, 2015 5:33 pm

Ashley wrote:No, I do not want to get dragged in to debugging somebody else's poor-quality non-standards-compliant WebRTC code.

Dragged in lol, cheese ashley .. you can be an arrogant ass at times.

And how the heck do you come up with poor quality none standard ??? Is that your arrogance getting the better of you ?

Seriously ... iosrtc exposes the functionality from google code, and the library is build upon the google build tools ...

w3c compliant and all ....

but ... you just go ahead and shoot it down before even considering it ... wtf do you even come to the forum.
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Post » Tue Nov 24, 2015 8:20 pm

If it doesn't work out of the box, it's broken, and it's not our job to fix it. Why not report it to the developers of the library? I've really had a terrible time with trying to fix other people's stuff, such as spending exasperated days wasting time over terrible CocoonJS bugs back when we supported that, and it ends up killing all productivity. It's far too costly to spend time on that when we still have a lot of work to do on Construct 3 and simultaneously maintaining Construct 2, especially when Apple are probably already working on a well-tested officially supported version of WebRTC. So please don't ask me to get involved with fixing someone else's library.
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Post » Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:36 am

I had actually just asked you to take a look at the involved scripts, the plain JS files, yours in combination with the webrtc.js file. Not to spent days on end debugging a library.

Seeing as construct 2 does not support OSX, I was not under the impression you would even have an Imac available in your development team, which would render your debugging capabilities to nill.

I must say I find it a bit weak on your end to mention it could kill ALL productivity for a c3 release .. as if you would be trying to get the community to back your decision ... kinda lame if you ask me.

More so, I would imagine participants of this community not minding if c3 would take a week longer to be released if we would have Multiplayer functionality between Android and Itune apps within a couple days.
But that is just me guessing.

Also, you mentioning they are "probably/likely" building their own well tested version .... well ... if thats you just grabbing ideas from your ass, then fine ... but please mention so, so I don't go chasing something you pulled from your butt ....

finer details ....

Apple’s Job Post for WebRTC
WebKit Media Engineer – WebRTC

Job Number: 43451266
Santa Clara Valley, California, United States
Posted: Oct. 19, 2015
Weekly Hours: 40.00

So you might imagine ... this will take a bit longer then "soon"

Oh, and I could also point out they might go With OpenWebRTC, which is compatible with Microsoft Edge ... but not directly with Googles variant. Oh my ......

Update to the current problem with iosrtc:

Construct 2 scripts do something which allows the Datachannel to be used without the need for a local audio or video feed.

The IOS versions all use the WebRTC to make audio/video chat, and all connections are initiated with the need for video or audio.

I been trying to adapt the code to initialize the RTCDataChannel by itself, without the need for the audio/video feed, but so far been unsuccessful.

PS: a neato side fact, there are more IOS apps running audio/video chat implementations with WebRTC, then there are Android apps using WebRTC for communication.
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Post » Fri Dec 25, 2015 8:25 pm

On a related front, the folks at Ericsson say that the latest release of Bowser should enable all compliant webrtc apps on iOS.

This new version of Bowser was release d in early December in the App Store.

Unfortunately, all C2 programs that use Multiplayer that I've tried, fail to run inside Bowser.

They connect fine with the Signaling Server, but the peers can't communicate with the host.

I've tested the standard C2 demo programs, compiling them with the latest version of C2.

Thus, my tests have been 100% with code from Scirra with no modification.

Still, it fails to run in Bowser.

Has anyone had different results?

The folks at Ericsson suggest this is must be flaw with C2, not with Bowser.

Are we sure that C2 is 100% compliant with WebRTC standard?

I bring this up because it raises the possibilities that the problems others are facing on this thread are because of something non-standard in the C2 exports, not because plugins are flawed. Or, if Ericsson is wrong... and the problem is with Bowser itself, it would be good to know that so we're not incorrectly thinking C2 is the problem.

This feels like a useful issue for Scirra to explore a little, not just with Bowser, but with Cordova as expressed earlier in this thread.
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