Multiplayer problem: Host doesn't have collision...peers do

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Post » Mon Apr 06, 2015 5:54 pm

So I have been breaking my head over this one. And I seem to be stuck and can’t fix this on my own. So I would love some help from you guys!

I am trying to make a small geometry dog fighting game. I have got most of the parts working. However now I am working on the collision (in the host - player collision group) between the small spaceships.
The problem is, it works fine for all the peers, but the host can’t seem to collide with any peer….. this is puzzling me like crazy. It might just be a stupid thing I have overlooked but I just can’t figure it out.

The game is simple in this stage, click anywhere to fly there. When you click you dash. When you hit someone when you are dashing you kill them. easy. except when you the host :P.

Could any of you help me out here?

Find my capx here: ... ooter.capx

which is a mess, sorry about that, I wasn't planning on sharing it...

Thnx in advance! Hope anyone can help me out!
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