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Multiplayer Shooter Template — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Online Peer to Peer real time multiplayer game with:

  • Fully functional Platformer style controls and mouse aiming.
  • Platformer style animation control in multiplayer environment.
  • Damage system with line of sight and impenetrable obstacles.
  • Visual effects such as hitting enemy or wall, muzzle fire and shells.
  • Respawning system with smart camera and player control.
  • Smooth scrolling camera and zoom system.
  • Weapon system with weapon swapping and stats such as damage and rate of fire.
  • Over 300 events and sh** loads of trial and error.

Notification! Construct 2 personal or business edition required.

Also, Capx is well commented, but it`s fairly complex so you have to be well familiarized with multiplayer examples in construct 2.

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