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Hey everyone, I'm not sure what the etiquette around these forums are, but I'd like to extend some services to help move some game projects along the way if needed.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Cane Mob. I'm an up-and-coming artist (yes, one of those), and I love making music, trying new things, but over all I love playing and making music & atmospheres specifically for video games. I've done some contract work for games such as AetherFlyff (Fly For Fun), Morphine(unreleased), as well as Legends Of Roika, a YouTube Machinima.

Here's where we can help each other: I want my mettle to be tested, and I want to be part of a positive, progressive team of developers & designers to help create thrilling atmospheres for games. This means that if I feel like the project is special, and we jive in the most bodacious of ways, I will offer my services free of charge with the only clause being that I obtain the rights to release the music later on (with full credits to the game it belongs to). These details can be worked on in private and are fully flexible.

Here's my soundcloud for more general music:

Here's a list of more specific types of music I can make (sorry about having you copy and paste, not allowed to post links below 500 reputation!):

"Cane Mob - The Mountains"

"Cane Mob - Wake Up"

Cyberpunk/Sci Fi:
"Cane Mob - In The Year 199X"

"Cane Mob - You have Issues-- No YOU Have Issues"

"Cane Mob - Salivate"

"Cane Mob - Sertrner"

Avante Garde/ Classical:
"Cane Mob - Agwe, Loa Of The Ocean"

"Cane Mob - You Can Be Anything"

"Cane Mob - Single Cell Abomination"

If you guys are interested, feel free to leave me a private message or a reply here or on Soundcloud. I'm excited to get to know a bunch of interesting developers and designers.Cane Mob2013-10-03 07:29:52
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