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Post » Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:26 pm

First time I got 90%! Is that good?

On a scientific note, I don't believe in a sense in this manner, especially through a computer! But I would be interested in any results gathered. Just to see. So my doubt might affect the process!

Just an idea, don't know why I thought of it. Must be my game developer side saying make it as compatible as possible. Make the sexual one have either an attractive woman or a man. At the beginning people input their gender and orientation (right word?) and then display a man and woman under the images. Then Heterosexual men would consider women good and men bad. Homosexual men would consider men good and women bad. Heterosexual women would consider men good and women bad. Homosexual Women would consider women good and men bad. And I haven't though about Bisexuals. Or Asexuals. Sorry just an idea!
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Post » Sat Apr 14, 2012 12:22 am

i cant now, ran out of events, i realised the 100 event limit just now. I already got a HTML5 designer, different to this, which im use to. I like this too as its got somegood features, but unless i win the free licence competition, il have to stick with the free version just for simple games or apps.

ok, changed the images to have couples, something for everyone, black, white, celebrity etc..

This was also done as I released this as an app and had to make the images more suitable for global audience.

Search "The Six Sense Test 1" on the android market

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