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Hey everyone,

I have created a few apps with Construct 2 - Crosswalk, since purchasing it in February. Still learning the art of creating a good game. It is a bit hard not being much of an artist and having a full time job! But have a look and test them out :) Thanks to Scirra/Ashley for a great product and support, it's good fun creating these games!

1. Flappy Hippo - my first app - another flappy bird game :)

2. Gem Tap - my latest one - similar to Don't touch the white tiles. This one I like the best even though it was the simplest to create just in a few days.

3. Kitty Rescue - My third app, I tried to experiment with physics/ragdoll effects picking the kittys up and dropping them in a basket, using the force=ma as a measure how hard they are placed in the basket. It is kinda hard to play if you don't read the steps in the description :)

4. Grab 'a' Bug - little platform game, your a purple spider and just collide/pick up bugs and feed them to the black mother spider. Used some physics on the trapdoor.

Check them out here from Google Play Store:

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