My game crashes when i load a save plz help!!!!!

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Post » Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:47 pm

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Ok so I am making a big game basicly about 681 events wich are ragdoll , vehicles, npcs, pause menu, map triggers , etc..
so after working on my 2nd level I decided what about a checkpoint system it should be cool :D so i worked on a
pause menu for 1 hour prety advance on my opinion and it had a:


-Resume Game
-Restart Level
-Exit to menu

so to the problem i made something like this
if player is overloaping save sation = Save game
on E pressed

now the true problem

if I click the Checkpoint button on my pouse menu the hole game crashes on NW.JS and nothing happends


on a browser it gives me this error

Im soo into this game and im worried for this error I think is something on the game but i dont know

this is a fan apreciation for half-life 2 as you see on the pic :mrgreen:

sorry for bad english
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