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My jukebox slot machine — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

My Jukebox Slot is a "home made" slot machine with a jukebox graphic theme. The slot machine is the star of casino games !

Game main features

  • Video rewarded for mobile
  • Youtube rewarded for non-mobile
  • Daily bonus
  • Unlimited slots
  • Compatible desktop tablet mobile

Developer main functions

  • Monetisation with videos rewarded
  • Easy add a new slot
  • Easy to param, custom and reskin
  • Global event sheet to configure the game
  • Well commented and organised events
  • Debug function
  • Dynamic paytable
  • Orientation: portrait
  • Resolution: 640x960

Videos rewarded

There are two ways to use videos rewarded in this game.

  • Appodeal (mobile app version only)

Use the ads platform Appodeal with their Construct2 plugin to monetize your game.

  • Youtube

You can offer some coins after the user has displayed a youtube video of your choice.

For more infos see the FAQ.

Add a new slot

See the FAQ "How to add a new slot ?"

3rd party plugins(3)

Spritefont+, Appodeal, RexYoutubePlayer

All 3rd plugin are include in project.

For more infos see the FAQ.


All graphics made by myself except photos into the slots, they come from:


Sounds are made with:

Naming policy

Naming of Layout and Group in event sheet is important.

They have a role in the program.

Be careful with rename them, you could encounter somes bugs.


Needs a personal license: +200 events and uses families.


  • SpriteFont+
  • Appodeal
  • Youtubeplayer from Rex

For more infos see the FAQ.

Pre-sale questions

Leave a comment.

For more infos see the FAQ.


Leave a comment.

For more infos see the FAQ.


Buyers will receive all updates for free.

Scirra notifies you on new version.

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