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Post » Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:20 am

Ok a few questions:

Why are you checking if redblocksready is bigger or equal to 1 when all you have got is an event to set it to 1?
Why is readblocksready a global variable and not an instance variable?
In what way are you telling the program which of the red blocks you want to act?
Why are you using a third party plugin for pathfinding when C2 has a built in one?
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Post » Sat Feb 01, 2014 11:35 am

@LittleStain Hey LittleStain! I will try to answer all your questions in order.

1. This I didn't even realize until just now. I was thinking that each time I clicked on a red block it would add one to redblockready, so I set it to bigger than or equal to to compensate for people accidentally clicking more than once. But your right this is not the case when using set to, thanks for calling it to my attention. Although this shouldn't cause the event to fail, it's just not necessary.

2. For this I did not know that it would matter because in my mind a global variable should be applied across all sprites and their instances kinda covering all bases.

3. Originally my event had a pick overlapping Red.X and Red.Y condition. With that my hopes were that it would pick the red block instance I clicked on and then move it to the location I clicked on next. The later screenshot of my event in this post was something that I was trying to understand from BluePhaze but I believe I implemented it wrong or incompletely. I'm not very proficient with strings/syntax yet.

4. For your last question on why I'm using a third party plugin for pathfinding, it's because this one is far better for grid-based square by square movement. The C2 built in one moves sprites smoothly and requires monkeying with to get what I want for this game, and even then it wont work like I want 100%. So for now I'm sticking with the one I'm using.

In conclusion, I hope my answers made sense and if you could help me out with my problem I would be very grateful! Thanks for your time.
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