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Post » Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:27 pm

My first attempt appeared to focus on graphics, art, and the way bullets worked. This attempt focuses on the environment. That is, stages, powerups, and level scrolling.

The ship's base configuration only has a single forward shot. The ship can change into different configurations.
-A Powerups will change the player to Assault Mode, giving them a stronger forward shot.
-S Powerups will change the player to Speed Mode, giving faster movement forward and will fire from behind.
-Pressing space will reset the player to their base configuration.

The idea behind this game was that the core gameplay is based around your options (the two grey attachments on your ship when you pick up powerups. The options would have been invulnerable to most bullets, and getting through the game would involve changing configurations and resetting when needed. Not sure if I'll make a full game based on this yet.

Edit: I forgot to mention this. Press 0 to go the test stage. It is recommended that you reset your weapons after switching stages.

WASD --------- Move
Enter -------- Shoot
Space -------- Reset Weapons
Bug: If you die, you will respawn to the left of the Camera object. If that area is blocked by a wall, you constantly die until the camera scrolls out of the way. Sorry :P

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