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Post » Thu Mar 20, 2014 11:24 am

I'm using Construct2 for a while but didn't go to forums 'til recently... so salam (hi) everyone :mrgreen:

Visual Novel Engine:
I know there's a lot of Visual Novel Engines out there, but ever thought of making a Visual Novel with Construct 2 and didn't know where to start?

This engine is made for that, when making my VN game I got the Idea of turning it to VN engine before continuing it. then decided to make it OpenSource.

- good start to learn how VN works.
- easy to learn, To Edit and to Improve (but lacks good commenting).
- you can make good VN even in the free version of Construct2 (although 60 events already used).
- Opensource (I want others to Improve it for all)


Feedback wanted on:
- Is there parts that can be improved?
- how good the licence I wrote?
- overall rating # of 10.

(you might need Construct2 r163 or more to open it).
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