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Post » Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:58 am

Hey, if anybody is just feeling bored or something and want to help, I would like a few things added to my current project :D

For Player/NPC Sprites, I am use an LPC Spritesheet I have, added and graphics added are in ./Raw/Sprites (I don't like it but it's a .xcf GIMP file, because it has multiple layers).

Things I have done:
These are some things I have done, but probably could use tweaking.
-Player Movement (4-Way Animations) in an 8-Direction Game
-Player Attack with Sword/Spear (I have Resources for sword/spear/bow)
-Map Generation (TMX Importer)
-Debugged HUD (I have no graphics for one :/)
-Added Player Body, Hat, Torso Armor, Bracers (Wrists), Shoes, Sword, Spear
-And anything I missed

Things that could be worked on and I'd appretiate:
-Basic Enemy AI
-Add bow
-Adding unfinished animations (I have the graphics for the most part, just need to implement them)
-Add walking animation for weapons
-Add Various NPC Chatter
-Add Menu's
-Networking via (Possibly Websocket/NodeJS, I plan on making this an MMO)

Current Controls:
Arrow Up - Move Up
Arrow Right - Move Right
Arrow Down - Move Down
Arrow Left - Move Left
S Key - Attack

Current Preview:

Project Download:

Note: I am not sure if this game is going to sell or be open source, but credits will be given.

Edit I'll actively update this.

Since it is only me doing this atm and I have no team, I am kind of hoping others will pitch in :D

Sincerely, Me

Edit: Something to me seems to have went wrong with the preview, it's missing graphics, the zip file should still have everything however.Equinox802012-11-29 02:14:56
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