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Myths N Heros is an idle games / clicker games / tap games.
Myths N Heros tells the story of the earth is currently dominated by evil monsters. You are one of the several heroes who wants to save the earth from the evil monsters. In your adventure you find the ancient scroll to summon heroes from the past (Mythological heroes) like Sun Go Kong, Hercules, Gatot Kaca, and others. With their help grab your sword and slay as many evil monsters on this earth, and don't forget to collect equipment along the journey to make you and your allies stronger.
❖ How To Play ❖

- Tap/Click to attack,
- Tap/Click to leveling up,
- Tap/Click to summon mythological heroes,
- Tap/Click to make you and your allies stronger,
- Tap/Click to using your great skill,
- Tap/Click to collect money,
- Tap/Click to use equipment,
- Tap, tap and tap to slay as many evil monsters as you can,
- or just leave it and let your allies finishing your job .

❖ Plan for Future Update ❖

- More Levels,
- More Monsters,
- More Equipments,
- More Mythological heroes,
- More Skills,
- Play with friends,
- etc

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