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Post » Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:37 am

Hello everyone, because as I put in the title, I wondered how I could create a streaming video + audio player.
I tell you, I wanted to create an application to be able to see iptv links from my cell phone. I have a satelite receiver that emits via dlna with an html address, I wanted to know how to create a player capable of reproducing that html link of iptv to be able to watch tv on mobile phone or tablet android.
Thank you very much a greeting ..... Sure you can help me
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vadameal wrote:Hola a [email protected], pues como pongo en el titulo, queia saber como podria crear un reproductor streaming de video+audio.
Os cuento,queria crearme una aplicacion para poder ver enlaces iptv desde mi movil. Tengo un receptor satelite que emite mediante dlna con una direcion html, pues queria saber como crear un reproductor capaz de reproducir ese enlace html de iptv para poder ver la tv en telefono movil o tablet android.
Muchas gracias un saludo.....Seguro que podreis ayudarme

As I have already informed you previously HERE :

This is an English forum so please post in English or provide an English translation.

Thank you.
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