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Message: StefanN can only post plain text URLS until they have 500 rep. 1 URLS modified. Why?

I'm pretty new in Construct 2, but I manage to make a game. All it's good, but I have a problem with Analytics integration. I want when I enter in Analytics > Source/Medium to have there like this: " / MyGameName". Now it appear like: " / referral".


At number 9 it's this game, you see that I have the domain / referral, and at number 10 it's other game (made in Flash), and you see the domain / name-of-the-game.

I tried something, but it didn't worked out. I created a global variable (var_domain) and set to Browser.domain. After that, for any button that send the visitors to my website (, I made: Add actions > Browser > Go to Url, and I added this:


But, I checked this link (text), and it's ok, at utm_source it's appear the correct domain. But in Analytics it won't work. Oh, and another thing, when I check the Real Time > Source / Medium, it shows the correct form.


Anybody can help me with this? Thanks! :D
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