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Post » Wed May 08, 2013 10:52 pm


im trying to get the movement right but I keep having problems with it.
(1) Firstly, when I move left or right and at the time then hold up or down button, the angle that I made visible with text calculates according the second activated key button (up or down)

(2) but this doesn't respond when I first hold up or down button and then press left or right button.

It is as if the game preffers up and down button over left and right.
Id preffer it to move like in description(2)

Another problem im facing is that when im running up and hold right (lets say moving in angle 315) and then press SPACE to jump, the player does respond to it but when I do the same with going slightly left (angle 225), the jump wont respond.

This contrast response happens also with other dirrections.

I need the player object respond better so I can use the actions during movement dynamically and right now it becomes difficult to jump over holes that require runn forward with slightly running to left wich causes the jump not respond but works the opposite way.

Any ideas how to improve this please?
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Post » Wed May 08, 2013 11:19 pm

Hope it helped, here works perfectly.

Also, I remember the topic where we talked about the shadow and the jump in RPG, nice implementation, good job, cleaver! 23:21:32
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