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Hey, my name is Leo I am an independent game dev I recently got contracted to make a game in phaser. I am looking for a programmer who is experienced and can complete a game with me. the programmer will be getting paid 600$(u.s.d) but you will not get paid until we have a finished game. Its an endless runner so it shouldn't be too hard. I have almost all of the art work done and you will be setting that up also. After completion of game there will be more game opportunitys!

- Proof of experience
- Can work as a TEAM
- Hard worker who pushes them self to success
- Sending builds consistently is a REQUIREMENT if you don't feel ok with that don't apply
- There is no "i' in team but I need someone who looks at me as a boss and a team mate

- Name
- Age
- Availability
- Experience
- Some sort of portfolio

- Skype Leonardarmstead
- Email
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You should really post this on html5gamedevs forums. They have a specific thread forum phaser developers.
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