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Post » Sun Dec 25, 2016 12:45 pm

famousgnu6 wrote:I keep coming up with little ideas for games and start making them, but they never seem to turn into anything.

Does anybody have any ideas for simple little mobile games, or show me any current games that I could adapt because I can't think of a good idea that will actually work.


you have a tool in your hands that allows you to create any content you want without very much effort, and all you need is imagination.

you can make a game from absolutely anything, i mean anything. just use your imagination, it doesn't have to be a "proven gameplay" / "successful/good idea", as long as it is playable and you do something inside the game.

if you cant use your imagination, then the tool you have at disposal its pointless. im pretty sure you have a little imagination that can be put to work. your a smart person :P

unless the following quote applies: "i will write a book, all i need is a writer to do it for me, and a publisher to sell it for me." then this post you made makes sense.

P.P.S but as you said, you are doing tests of little ideas, the only problem is you stop yourself on publishing them, you never know what is good unless you let people see it. so just put it on internet, people will tell you if its good or not, even if you think its not going anywhere.
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