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Hi guys! My name is Oleg and I'm a 21 years old student from Moscow (Russia). I am new to gamedesign but I think I know Construct quite enough to create things which I really want. I'm trying to create a platform game with role playing elements for my first game. I have all for this game: music themes, sounds, graphics,history and animation. But there are two problems: magic effects and maping (level design). I have serious troubles with this, and looking for someone who can work as a partner in a small team consists of small team (me and you) targeting commercial game development. I respect laws of modern legal orders and do not reject to enter a contract according to the rules of the private international law.

To sum everything up what I want: in the age of selfishness,loneliness and pure materialism :cry: I'm going to make a friendly atmosphere partnership because it is extremely hard to work on games by yourself.
So I'm trying to find compos guy who are familiar with animation effects, drawing sketches, has good imagination and interested in developing something fantastic. To finish my first game we can work for a mixed payment and future income % or as a team and than if all would be great we can work as a real team for our projects.
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