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Looking for someone to take the lead on my game. Will be paid of course, prices will be negotiated privately.

PM me if interested

Playable link is at the end, but please read first:

So there's still a bunch of bugs since it's in development. Before you play, you might want to either clear your cache,

or open it up in an incognito browser. This is no where near done and it does not reflect the final Ideas/Controls or Artwork of the game.

Ok so the controls are as followed...

WASD - move (you can wall jump and double jump)
Arrow keys - awesome sword I made in like 2 minutes lol. Use it to block projectiles/kill enemies in 8 directions

Special Attacks
Press SHIFT: Toggles bullet time
Press 1 - Level 1 = stop time must shoot 3 darts by clicking; Level 2 = must shoot 5 Knives; Level 3 = Must shoot 10

Press 2 - Instantly spawn behind the closest enemy within 20 meters and kill him

- Go slowmo, and line up shots better
- Go slowmo and block incoming shots easier
- Too many projectiles coming your way? Shadowstep (2) to the person closets to you!
- Press 1 for bullseye to stop time andd line up knife shots around lots of enemies.

Power Ups
Health + 1
Bullseye + 1 (max level of 3)

This link will always stay updated with the most recently loaded version of the game. Can play on touch, but it's even more buggy right now.
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