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Post » Sat Jan 23, 2016 10:57 pm

Finished my first educational story game for kids under 6, cheer~! lol, this is a paid game, if you like it PM me, I have promotion code for you to free download both android and ios, just leave a good review is preferred.



This is a little story about rabbit and turtle, they live in a boring life, and you need to help them to find friends, at the same time there are difficulties waiting for you.Come on ! Let's Go~!

Google play: ... bbitturtle
ios: ... &ls=1&mt=8

-Learn English and Chinese

-Two modes:
Story mode: There is a whole funny cute story waiting for you to discover.
Practice mode: you can practice what you learned form the story.
-There are 32 simply words for kids to learn in both English and Chinese
-English and Chinese can be switched immediately, no matter during the story or the practice mode,
-Every level you need to collect enough words to pass the level
-Learn Chinese in a fun simply way
-Pleasant musics
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