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Hi there,

My name is John Bura. Some of you might know my work. I wrote a C2 book for Packt Publishing. I also have produced courses for Construct 2 on On top of that I produced an XBOX 360 game as well as a ton of iOS, Android, PC and Mac games. Very soon my company Mammoth Interactive will host it's own HTML 5 arcade with the games that we produced with Construct 2.

I have always been a huge C2 supporter and it is my favorite engine to use. I am letting you know about my KickStarter in which you will learn to build 100 games. The engines included are Unity2D, Construct2, Unity3D, SpriteKit for Xcode and Unity3D. In addition, if the KickStarter gets to 10k the total there will be a total of 60 game projects that you will get to make with C2.

Im pretty excited about this as I love to make games and this gives me an opportunity to show people how to build games effectively.

Here is the link. If you want me to make a specific game with C2 as apart of this KickStarter, please post it below. I will consider making it a reality. ... -100-games

Thank you for considering to pledge for my KickStarter. Even if you choose to not pledge, I still wish you a happy road to success.

Thanks again
John Bura
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