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Interesting to read: (would this be possible with C2 or C3?) ... -nes-games

"Once you start getting more modern than the NES, stuff like the Super Nintendo, it becomes way, way more complicated for a single person to tackle everything," Hanley says. "I think the NES is sort of right on the cusp of one person actually being able to develop all aspects of a game in a reasonable amount of time."

In February 2017, Tomas Guinan, from Truro, Canada, decided to try making his own. Guinan experimented with NES ROMs and localisation in the '90s - even going as far as to singlehandedly translate The Glory of Heracles 2 - so he already had some knowledge of the system's innards. Plus he wanted a unique portfolio piece to help him break into game development as a career. Three months later, he'd made Eskimo Bob, a 2D platformer designed for the NES.
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