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Post » Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:00 pm

This is my first "newbie" approach at a castle defense game, I know there has to be
an easier way to deal with the event sheet as in using a loop. I just havent figured it out yet, and I have not yet figured out python as it will take some time.

The graphics are ... well hopefully they illustrate what I am going for.

Charge and Fire your cannonball with Spacebar. ... edirects=0
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Post » Wed Jun 24, 2009 4:39 am

It's fun to fire across such a long distance. You should post it again when there's something to shoot at. :)

There is definitely a less tedious way to make the events for it, though - instead of creating a sub-event for each state it could be in (anim frame = 2 then set speed 60, anim frame = 3 then set speed 70, etc), you can just create one event that takes the animation frame into account (set speed to 50 + anim frame * 4).

Similar for the charge-up bar - instead of using an animation you could use a sprite, then resize it to the right width depending on how charged up it is.

Here's how it would work: ... stions.cap

I wouldn't recommend using Python unless you're already really skilled with it. As I understand it, Python's kind of an afterthought for Construct - you can definitely do everything without it (and probably should).

You can do a lot with loops and families once you get to know them them. Here's a fairly amazing example one of the developers posted a while back: ... locks2.cap
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