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Post » Tue Apr 08, 2014 5:38 pm

Hi everyone,

I finished my first game last year for a client
that is an educational game for young children to learn the differences in food choices in their diets.
It will be tied to an online cartoon series that should be out sometime this or next year.

I posted the game chock-full of BUGS in another posts here
and thanks to the AWESOME forum community
I was given invalueable support & help in fixing alot of the issues
as well as recomends to make the game better

a BIG THANKYOU to everyone who helped me out!

Here is the GAME w current FIXES: (thanks to help here on the forum)

I learned an IMMENSE amount thanks to the active community here,
& I wanted to give a big shout out to the forum community here that helped me sift through bugs & come up with viable solutions. The willingness to help one another out on this site is so amazing to me and keeps me inspired to keep trying to be a better game developer.

and again a HUGE thank you to Scirra & their team for making it possible for people like me to get in on the fun of game development! I am a graphics artist & animator newly turned game developer thanks to the team at Scirra!
You guys are AWESOME !!!
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