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Post » Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:16 pm

I was the third person to download the latest beta of C2 (r122), and I've reloaded the page and double-checked several times to make sure there wasn't some kind of lag in the web site figuring out who did what when. Nope...I'm still the 3rd fastest this time around. I did get the Quick Draw badge...but...I was one of the Lightning guys.

My apologies if this sounds petty. Not my intent. I'm just thinking so long as there is a rep score (which I think is fun...that's why I'm posting this), then I'd like an accurate representation of my badges and score.

(PS - I do understand, last I read about, that the rep system still is getting some kinks worked out. No worries about that.)Rhindon2013-03-17 17:03:16
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