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I am doing a game with CC, a platform' game, and I have a problem (about the game, not me ).

It's a game about a hero (the player) and a lot of zombies, with a scenario (not ready).

The problem : the hero pass throught zombies !

I tested to make hero and/or zombies Solid, but zombies don't superimpose (the right word ?) them.

So I want this :
The hero is blocked by zombies.
Zombies is blocked by hero.
Zombies can be superimpose by them.

The .cap (mediafire) :

Thank you for your help

P.S: The game is french (sorry) so after the mini-intro (you can skip with click/key) click on "Jouer" and it's ok.

P.S: I'm french so I'm sorry for mistakes Chnapy2013-12-04 14:17:41
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