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Post » Mon Nov 02, 2015 11:28 pm

Programming = Placing instructional set's in order to achieve desired results
Coding = Typing with text editor to do programming.

Also. yeah. I agree. C2 should be tought in schools. I ended up giving a one week 3/hr a day course at our central Vancouver Public Library. Was pretty awesome. The young teens picked up C2 very well. I'm not sure if my company ever posted the games though. ... 00500010e8

So yes there is programming, but it's near as simple as I can imagine
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Post » Wed Nov 04, 2015 3:32 am

jayderyu wrote:Programming = Placing instructional set's in order to achieve desired results
Coding = Typing with text editor to do programming.

Yeah! so placing Construct 2 instruction sets are programming, according to this definition. I like it :)

As far as coding goes. Code just needs to be cryptic to be conceited "code". Does not have much to do with the application that created it. You can create code by drawing dots and dashes in the dirt. (Morise code)
It does not always require a text editor ;). Moris code does not even have to be visual. You can relay moris code just by tapping on something.

Assembling events and actions in construct 2 is also a type of code which compiles almost directly to JavaScript, and instructions for the game engine.

Coding and programming are just such broad terms, it is impossible to make an honest statement without contradicting yourself with another meaning of the word.

True statement:

Can construct games without using C#, or COBAL code.
Can make games without using the assembler, or FORTRAN programming.

Un-true statement:

Can do games without using construct 2's style of coding.
Can make games without programming them with the construct 2's language.
No coding.
No programming.
No skill or learning required.

If you are making a level in Super Mario maker on the Wii, and you designate how to move a platform, then congratulations! You have successfully programmed a platform! You are a super Mario maker platform programmer. You did it without a text editor, and you did it without learning C#.

If you set your alarm clock to wake you up at 6:00AM, then congratulations. You just programmed your alarm clock to wake you up at the appropriate time!
You used the alarm clocks "code system" to push the buttons in the right sequence to get your desired result.
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