No Sound after Video ads

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Post » Sun Jun 05, 2016 7:18 pm

Problem Description
After watching a video ad and continuing or restarting the layout no sounds/music is played. There is however sound if you choose to watch the video ad again, but ONLY for the video - no sound again once the video is finished. Tested with both AdMob and Chartboost using both Cocoon and IntelXDK.

Attach a Capx
I need to make one. But simply watching a video and then proceeding to the next layout ( sometimes the same layout after watching an add ) all sound stops.

Description of Capx

Steps to Reproduce Bug
  • Watch video ad
  • Proceed to next layout

Observed Result
No sound or music plays

Expected Result
Music and sound to be played as it would without watching the video ad

Affected Browsers
  • Android/iOS

Operating System and Service Pack
Windows 7 sp1

Construct 2 Version ID229 64bit
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Post » Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:37 pm

Closing, please see the bug report guidelines (the .capx is required)
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