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Post » Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:21 pm

I'm hoping someone can help me shed light on my issue. I've got an app that uses the ajax and cbhash plugins. My problem is the login group I'm sure of it. Also when my project is not minimized then it works flawlessly on all browsers.

Ok the issue is during login in Firefox nightly with a minimized project. If you enter an incorrect password/userid then anything you after the fact cause this error:
[13:15:05.692] TypeError: this.a.ol(...) is undefined @

If it's not minimized then it runs just fine in both browser. It also works fine in chrome minimized/unminimized. Can someone take a peek at my code on the login event sheet and see if there is an obvious error? I'd be eternally grateful.
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If you want to try the error out then feel free to visit the site and enter any userid/password combo more then once in firefox.
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@kyatric, is there something I did wrong with your cbhash plugin to cause it?

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