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Post » Thu Feb 27, 2014 11:28 am

1. When I created my first test physics 'game' on my PC, the box colliders on some bouncy boxes interacted correctly with the draggable bat I was hitting them with. When tested it over the web, however, the collisions were not as good ie sometimes the box would pass through the bat.

2. Are there any additional tutorials on plugin development with the JavaScript SDK (other than velojets excellent work on Youtube)

3. Is Clickteams Fusion 2.5 a good proposition for .exe and android development ? (I appreciate this is not the obvious place to ask about another application) My question is really linked in with question 2. as my requirement is to use a 2D game engine where scripting /programming is an option for more advanced students.

Really impressed with Construct 2, highly addictive (should carry a health warning)

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